Interiors Series I

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The familiar locations depicted in these works appear unfamiliar when photographed in a state of transition. They are institutional spaces found in state of flux and abandonment. These works strive to document a moment of transformation in between the human activity of these places. Furniture and objects exude a human presence. The stillness of the empty spaces emits an atmosphere that is evocative of the uncanny. Details: Series of five works, entitled, 'What the Visible Does Not show Us I & II' (1999) 61 cm x 92 cm colour c.type photographic print, ‘Partly Forgotten, Partly Never Known’ (1999) 122 cm x 152 cm colour duratran on lightbox, ‘Corridor’ (1999) 122 cm x 152 cm colour c.type photographic print, ‘The Hinterland’ (1998) 122 cm x 152 cm colour c.type photographic print. Edition of three.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 1998

Bibliographical note

Works from this series were purchased by BT Millennium Collection, University of Ulster Collection and The Verdutte Institute, Amsterdam.


  • Photography
  • interiors
  • institutional space
  • the uncanny.


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