Instinct Studio

Mark Cullen

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Instinct Studio is a one-stop game creation solution, fully integrated and powered by runtime components. This allows for real-time WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tools editing, previewing and playing, all from within a single, unified working environment. In today's demanding business environment, artists and designers need more efficient tools and pipelines to successfully manage their time and resources in order to meet ever-shortening project lifecycles. Instinct Studio is a toolbox of cutting edge WYSIWYG, including project-based resource management and fully integrated, run-time editable components. Instinct Studio also provides “hot loading”and real-time previewing, as well as a comprehensive 3ds Max exporter. The product launched at the Develop Conference, Brighton on 11th July 2006 to massive industry acclaim. Beta testing has begun with over fifteen companies worldwide and deals are in place to progress to full product with a number of these development houses. The launch included extensive marketing material and acomplete company re-branding as well as a cutting edge demo proving the power of Instinct Studio. An extensive advertising, marketing and demo campaign have led the product to appear on the cover of Develop magazine, the leading developer magazine inEurope, with seven pages of the issue devoted to it. The product has also featured in the Edge magazine, the leading worldwide games magazine. Ads have appeared in numerous publications and featured on many games related websites. The product was chosen as a development tool for the 2006 Dare to be Digital competition in Scotland where teams from Ireland, Scotland and Canada chose to use Instinct Studio to realise their visions. Two of the three teams picked up between them four awards of a possible ten and arguably two of the most prestigious.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 11 Jul 2006

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