In situ synthesis of mesoporous polyvinyl alcohol/hydroxyapatite composites for better biomedical coating adhesion

Riaz Hussain, Sobia Tabassum, Mazhar Amjad Gilani, Ejaz Ahmed, Faiza Sharif, Faisal Manzoor, Asma Tufail Shah, Anila Asif, Faiza Sharif, Farasat Iqbal

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Hydroxyapatite (HA) shows diverse biomedical applications as bone filler and coating material for metal implants to enhance osteoconduction. Four different PVAHA composites were synthesized in situ by an economical co-precipitation wet methodology. The FTIR spectra of PVAHA composites showed characteristic signals of HA and PVA. The BET surface area of PVAHA composites were in range of 41.3–63.7 m2/g. The composites showed type IV nitrogen adsorption/desorption isotherm, a characteristic for mesoporous material. The pore diameter range (6.3–8.1 nm) of PVAHA composites also confirmed their mesoporous nature. The Barrett–Joyner–Halenda (BJH) pore size distribution curves indicated a narrow pore size distribution. To obtain a homogeneous crack free coating with EPD on stainless steel (SS) plates, different parameters such as PVA percentages in PVAHA composites, solvent, deposition time and voltage were optimized. The PVAHA composites were stable after EPD as confirmed by FTIR spectra recorded before and after EPD. The SEM images of the coating showed a homogeneous morphology. The thickness of the coating was controlled by varying voltage and time. The best results were obtained with c-PVAHA composite at 30 volts for 5–10 min and current density was around 4.5 to 5 mA. The adhesion strength of c-PVAHA coating was measured by using ASTM standard F1044-99. The average value was approximately 9.328 ± 1.58 MPa.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)117-123
Number of pages7
JournalApplied Surface Science
Early online date12 Dec 2015
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 28 Feb 2016


  • Polyvinyl alcohol
  • Hydroxyapatite
  • electrophoretic deposition
  • Biomedical coating


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