”IMU” I am you

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This solo exhibition reflects transformation in its many manifestations: the permanence of change in various artistic forms, as well as the experience of the viewers. The artworks exhibited are in a process of permanent invention, a never-ending metamorphosis. Here I use history as a departure point for a re-inventions of form and meanings. This takes the shape of deconstructions of the classical idea of image and sculpture. I invented this strategy in order to reveal hidden meanings in topical or familiar motifs, to challenge established perceptions and interpretations. My project was a huge installation of fragmented images and objects in shape of a maze. According to the viewers position, fragments connected and became a clear image. I used different materials as: Photos, found objects video footage and sculpture. The whole installation refered to mind maps as Abby Warburg`s Menosine Atlas. My Multiperspective transformational installation did not provide answers but provoke questions. In this exhibition particularly, I focussed on well-known “collateral” or “downsides” of dominant political and economic views. Metamorphosis also featured an installation containing living birds, which will complete the sculpture during the exhibition.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 16 Aug 2012
EventIMU - A/S Space Gallery / Krakow ,Poland
Duration: 16 Aug 20129 Oct 2012

Bibliographical note

Reference text: http://www.spacegallery.com.pl/index.php?op=aktualnosci&id=111





Outputmediatype: sculpture/ installation


  • Ralf Sander
  • sculptor
  • AS Gallery Krakow
  • IMU


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