HugX dog dinner ware

Justin Magee, Stephen Mcgilloway, Jane Grant

Research output: Non-textual formDesign


This registered product was the global winner in New York's Pet Fashion Week 2008, for the Lifestyle innovation award 2008. There were 8 finalists including Alessi, from 35 international entries. The HugX product embraces emotional design and interaction design methods to provide a design solution which although simple is sophisticated. The HugX 401 seriesR is a total re-think on dog dining. The physical characteristics are not only functional for a range of feeding issues but also emotive building a social relationship with the owner (aesthetics and quality) and pet (usability). Feeding issues include difficulties experienced by long haired or long eared dogs, those which wear Elizabethan collars and digestive issues from vertical feeding. The bowl, which has no corners (no food traps), is angled at 32.5° from the horizontal allowing food to always fall into the centre of the bowl while improving digestive issues. Each bowl has specific grips characterized subtly as ears and a tongue to prevent the user from touching food. Held in an aluminium holder which resembles the character of a dog’s body, its narrow waist creates an easy grip or handle for the user, keeping their hands away from the contents of the bowl. The high grip rubber feet and a wide foot print of the holder, prevent toppling or movement around the floor. As the dog feeds at the bespoke angle and food gravitates to the centre of the bowl, a greater amount of downward pressure is exerted than side wards - the bowl, within the holder, sits firmly on the ground.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 24 Aug 2008

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Outputmediatype: Physical Product (Exhibition)


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