History of Mathematics in the Higher Education Curriculum

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Mathematics is usually, and of course correctly, presented ‘ready-made’ to students, with techniques and applications presented systematically and in logical order. However, like any other academic subject, mathematics has a history which is rich in astonishing breakthroughs, false starts, misattributions, confusions and dead-ends. This history gives a narrative and human context which adds colour and context to the discipline.Setting historical context can motivate and enthuse learning, but it also enriches the curriculum, shows connections between different branches of the subject, and helps to produce students with a greater sense of the breadth and, what might be termed, the creative life of mathematics as a discipline. This report seeks to give examples of how history has been integrated into undergraduate mathematics teaching in higher education through case studies.
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Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 6 Aug 2012


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