HERSELF Catalytic Clothing

Patricia Belford, Helen Storey, Anthony Ryan

Research output: Non-textual formArtefact

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Belford’s knowledge of hybrid textile processes was sought out to initiate the first stage of the Catalytic Clothing textile science project, a collaboration between chemist Tony Ryan (University of Sheffield) and Storey (LCF) “Herself”, a textile sculptured dress was a cross disciplinary research project which set out to explore the potential of a material that would eliminate air pollutants. Belford’s contribution to this multi faceted science, fashion and textile research was in the development and testing of advanced textile printing processes with new materials. The research took place in Belfast between Nov 2009 and Feb 2010, investigating printed methods to subvert the established chemistry of Ti02 onto textile substrates. The research aimed to combine knowledge and hybrid materials from concrete, textiles and Nano Ti02. The technology for concrete and Ti02 already exists, but this would be a new application to textiles, the research methodology was to pull these three components together, utilizing knowledge from concrete and textile processes to bring about a new textile. The research output in a dress form was disseminated in the public domain in order to provoke media interest and the potential for further application and development.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationSheffield
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 16 Oct 2011
Event'Herself' Catalytic Clothing - Howard Street / Sheffield
Duration: 16 Oct 201130 Oct 2011

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Event (exhibition): 'Herself' Catalytic Clothing/Newcastle Science Festival
Herself was shown at King’s Gate, Newcastle University as part of Newcastle ScienceFest from 4th March – 11th April 2011. The enigmatic film directed by Adam Mufti working with Helen Storey, accompanied the dress, the textile development by Trish Belford
Newcastle Science Festival / King's Gate, Newcastle University
04-03-2011 / 11-04-2011
Event (exhibition): 'Herself' Catalytic Clothing
At the Singapore Science Festival, there is a gown which is not only elegant, but also cleans the air. 'Herself s' unique ability comes from its material which consists of photocatalysts. This material works by using the sun's rays to get rid of pollutants in the air, thus making the air cleaner. This dress was part of a collaboration by Professor Anthony Ryan, Trish Belford and Helen Storey. They worked with A*STAR, who organised the 2011 Singapore Science Festival, to show case the dress for the first time in Asia Pacafic.
Science Centre / Singapore
22-07-2011 / 30-07-2011
Event (exhibition): 'Herself' Catalytic Clothing - SOLAS NUA A new light on Irish arts
Catalytic Clothing seeks to explore how clothing and textiles can be used as a catalytic surface to purify air, employing existing technology in a new way.
Also during the event, there will be a special US premiere screening of the short film Catalytic Clothing by artist/designer Helen Storey MBE and scientist Professor Tony Ryan OBE showcasing “Herself,” a dress created by the Northern Irish textile designer Trish Belford, featuring supermodel Erin O’Connor.
Fashion Salon / The fathom Creative Fashion Salon, 1333 14th Street, Washington USA
23-09-2011 / 29-09-2011
Event (exhibition): 'Herself' Catalytic Clothing - Moscow Festival of Culture
Herself was shown at the Central House of Artists, festival of Culture followed by a Q&A.
Central House of Artists / Moscow
23-09-2011 / 30-09-2011
Event (exhibition): 'Herself' Catalytic Clothing - The change initiative
Herself will appear at The Change Initiative, a new concept aimed at building a global supply chain for sustainable products and solutions. The first one stop shop for sustainable goods and solutions is opening in Dubai, UAE in April 2012. Innovative solutions to reduce human impact on the environment are demonstrated live in the store.
Ecover Concept store, Al Barsha 1, Sheikh Zayed Rd, / Dubai
01-04-2011 / 23-08-2011
Event (exhibition): FUTUROTEXTILES 3
Herself is currently on tour in France until Spring 2013 at the Futurotextiles 3 exhibition, which brings innovation in textiles and technology to a European public.
CETI (The Eurpoean Centre for INnovative Textiles) / Tourcoing. France
08-01-2013 / 01-10-2013
Event (exhibition): FUTUROTEXTILES 3
Herself is currently on tour in France until Spring 2013 at the Futurotextiles 3 exhibition, which brings innovation in textiles and technology to a European public.
Cite Des Sciences / Paris
01-02-2013 / 01-03-2013
Outputmediatype: Concrete Textile sculptural dress


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