Health and social care futures in Ireland: the need for cross-boundary work

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Fundamental changes are taking place in health and social care. The drivers for these changes include new discoveries, new treatments and globalization and the need to examine and consider cross-boundary work. This paper will outline some of the issues generated from a research project that aimed to provide an all-Ireland perspective on health and social care futures and to examine the implications of these trends both for nursing specifically and health and social care generally. Cross-boundary working is important in relation to health and social care futures. This incorporates cross-boundary working to include interprofessional, intraprofessional and interagency but also cross-border working with the Republic of Ireland. There is a great potential for cross-boundary work in nursing as we look towards the future. Nonetheless, it needs to be acknowledged that working across sectors, departments and even borders is not easy and barriers do exist. Some of the implications for nursing include the need to re-examine nursing roles and span the boundaries of our profession with the increasing development of nurse-led services. In addition nurses need to develop ways of `working together' strategically with others to achieve the public health agenda.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)349-356
JournalJournal of Clinical Nursing
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - May 2002


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