Greedy Geographic Routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

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Recent advances have seen the development of location prediction that use a variety of methods to determine a node’s future location based on their previous movements. Such geographical location routing prediction schemes can potentially benefit greedy geographic routing by allowing nodes to make routing decisions based on where a node will go rather than where it was according to the last update. The use of location prediction algorithms therefore allows geographic routing protocols to make decisions that are more intelligent, thus not only improving routing performance but providing a crucial step towards fully autonomous computer communications. We present a location prediction scheme on top of the existing Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing (GPSR) protocol run in greedy mode.
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PublisherIrish Software Innovation Network
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Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 12 Oct 2011
EventIntel European Research & Innovation Conference 2011 - Leixlip, Co. Kildare, Ireland
Duration: 12 Oct 2011 → …


ConferenceIntel European Research & Innovation Conference 2011
Period12/10/11 → …

Bibliographical note

Reference text: Cadger, F., Curran, K., Santos, J. and Moffett, S. (2011) An Analysis of the Effects of Intelligent Location Prediction Algorithms on Greedy Geographic Routing in Mobile AdHoc Networks. AICS 2011 - The 22nd Irish Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, University of Ulster, 31 Aug - 2 Sept 2011

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