From hospital bed to the sea bed: the expanding capabilities of Digital Radiograph

Sonyia McFadden, Laura McLaughlin, S. Benetti

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This poster aims to discuss an advanced role of Digital Radiography (DR) in marine geology. Technological advances and
excellent resolution allow rapid measurement of properties in marine cores from the sea bed contributing knowledge on
the sedimentary processes of sand and climate change.
A CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution DR system commonly used in x-ray departments was used in the university setting with
a wireless CARESTREAM DRX-1 detector. Images were acquired on samples which were still present in their aluminium
trays. A source image receptor distance (SID) of 110cm was used.
The incident x-ray beam was attenuated by the sediment present in the sample. Water content, compaction, grain size
distribution and how porous the sample was, all determined the level of attenuation of the x-ray beam. An attenuation
profile similar to that generated in the medical field, indicated the particles within the sample. Post processing allowed
further calibration of image brightness to precise density levels so all detail could be visualised.
DR allows an unpreceded speed of imaging and level of detail, achieving excellent image resolution. Image enhancement
and inversion improve clarity. Images reveal structures/features, as well as natural objects within the sediment e.g. grains,
shells, and plants. This enables interpretation of the nature of sediment deposition, providing a better understanding of the
processes happening at and below the seafloor. These processes are closely linked to changes in climate, ocean
currents, submarine landslides etc. DR provides marine scientists with significant datasets to investigate climate change
and submarine geohazards
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 20 Aug 2021
EventISRRT 2021 - Dublin/online, Ireland
Duration: 20 Aug 202122 Aug 2021


ConferenceISRRT 2021
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