K PETERSSON, George Kernohan

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Multi-disciplinary teams (MDT) in primary care clinics working with immigrant health are exposed to various cultures and languages which require continual trans-cultural awareness and knowledge in order to meet the healthcare needs of the various groups that predominate in their regions. In a five year period, Sweden’s population had increased by 242,000 people; 77% were immigrants (Migrationsverket, 2009). Among the 102,280 immigrants arriving to Sweden in 2009, 168 countries of citizenship were represented (Statistiska Centralbyrån (SCB), 2010a). According to the SCB, (2010b) the largest immigrant group consisted of returning Swedish citizens, followed by Iraqis, Somalis and Poles. When SCB (2010b) compared statistics to 2008 it was noted that immigration of Somali citizens increased by 70%, while immigration of Iraqi and Polish citizens fell by 29% and 26%, respectively. Immigration populations fluctuate yearly and cultural variations affect whole communities in varies ways. Of the 102,280 new immigrants who arrived in Sweden in 2009, 7,380 were placed in the county of Kronobergsland and 4,824 to the city of Växjö (SCB, 2010a) where this survey was based. Providing culturally appropriate and thus competent care is imperative in upholding healthcare outcomes within this influx of immigrants. The MDT knowledge and skills in providing health care for different cultural groups should be updated on an on-going basis. As well as evaluating the MDT, it is important to assess how well health care providers’ systems, programs, and resources meet the needs of the communities they service. This paper takes a qualitative survey approach to better understand what educational needs exist in the areas of linguistic and cultural competency, starting with a literature overview before the methods are described. Following the results, the discussion, limitations and conclusions are presented according to a framework which is guided by literature.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationLet's Learn Together, Let's Work Together
EditorsK Markey, P White, L O'Connor
Place of PublicationNewcastle Upon Tyne
PublisherCambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN (Print)1-4438-4082-3
Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2012


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PETERSSON, K., & Kernohan, G. (2012). EXPLORING LINGUISTIC AND CULTURAL COMPETENCY WITHIN MULTI-DISCIPLINARY TEAMS PROVIDING HEALTHCARE TO IMMIGRANTS IN VÄXJÖ, SWEDEN. In K. Markey, P. White, & L. O'Connor (Eds.), Let's Learn Together, Let's Work Together (pp. 135-150). Newcastle Upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.