Examining Technology in Supported Living Environments for People living with Dementia.

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Background: The use of technology within supported living environments has been a feature of dementia care in Northern Ireland for up to fifteen years. Technology is continuing to evolve at a rapid rate and has the potential to innovate care for people living with dementia. The challenge for public health is that the number of people living with dementia is rising and the need for appropriate housing is rapidly growing. It is important to understand the role of technology so that we can harness current and future innovation and continue to enhance person centred service provision. Currently, there has been limited research internationally to explore the role of technology in supported housing and the impact it has on the stakeholders.

Methods: This research presents the findings from twenty-two qualitative interviews with tenants living with dementia undertaken by peer researchers in technology enriched settings. A technology audits was developed as an outcome of a systematic literature review within the project and completed in the eight housing schemes. The data from the interviews were transcribed and analysed using thematic analysis.

Results: It was interesting that 59% of tenants had limited or no knowledge of technology provision in the schemes. However, of those who were aware, it provided a great sense of security. Six tenants had significant knowledge of monitoring technologies and everyday technologies including the use of computers and tablets.

Discussion: Technology was found to provide both challenges and opportunities, for example it can enhance communication, giving feelings of safety and reassurance, or doing nothing from the perspective of the tenant. Keys themes that will be discussed include: what do tenants consider technology to be? How relevant is technology for the tenant? and is it a good or bad thing that not all tenants are aware of monitoring technologies? As a result of the findings, we will illustrate how Northern Ireland is harnessing technology in supported living for people living with dementia in terms of the international literature.

Implications: The purpose of this paper is to present novel research examining technology within supported living environments from the perspectives of the tenants living with dementia. The implications of this research include future planning for the use of technology in care and establishing informed consent.
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Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 27 Nov 2019
EventJoint Public Health Conference - Titanic Conference Centre, Belfast, Northern Ireland
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ConferenceJoint Public Health Conference
Country/TerritoryNorthern Ireland
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  • dementia
  • technology
  • Assistive technologies


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