Evaluation of theCreative Learning in the Digital Age (CLDA) project

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    Executive SummaryThe evaluation of this project has been overwhelmingly positive; in particular ithas shown the following outcomes;1. The Project team has developed a highly valuable educational version of theDigital Film Archive for use in the teaching of Key Stage 3 history.2. The team has developed an effective training programme for teachers whichcould be disseminated to a wider audience in both initial teacher education andcontinuing professional development3. There has been a very effective collaborative approach to the delivery of theproject involving the Northern Ireland Film and Television Commission, theNerve Centre and Classroom 2000.4. The project has had a positive impact on pupil learning in terms of motivation,understanding history, the development of thinking skills, the expansion ofICT and multi-media skills and in the growth of team work, pupil autonomyand collaborative learning.5. The Project has had a positive effect on teacher development through reenergisingtheir work in history, developing a stronger understanding of thevalue of links with other subjects, extending their confidence and competencein ICT and multi-media skills and in creating a relationship with pupils basedon ‘co-learning’.6. Further work still needs to be done to ensure that the benefits of this creativeapproach to learning are provided on a whole class basis and embedded indaily practice
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    Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 2004


    • Creative learning
    • Moving image
    • history teaching
    • Northern Ireland


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