Electrospinning 3D bioactive glasses for wound healing

Elizabeth Norris, Carolina Ramos-Rivera, Gowsihan Poologasundarampillai, Joshua Clark, Qun Ju, Akiko Obata, John Hanna, Toshihiro Kasuga, Christopher A. Mitchell, Gavin Jell, Julian R. Jones

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An electrospinning technique was used to produce three-dimensional (3D) bioactive glass fibrous scaffolds, in the SiO2–CaO system, for wound healing applications. Previously, it was thought that 3D cotton wool-like structures could only be produced when the sol contained calcium nitrate, implying that the Ca2+ and its electronic charge had a significant effect on the structure produced. Here, fibres with a 3Dappearance were also electrospun from compositions containing only silica. A polymer binding agent was added to inorganic sol-gel solutions, enabling electrospinning prior to bioactive glass network formation and the polymer was removed by calcination. While the addition of Ca2+
contributes to the 3D morphology, here we show that other factors, such as relative humidity, play an important role in producing the 3D cotton-wool-like macrostructure of the fibres. A human dermal fibroblast cell line (CD-18CO) was exposed to dissolution products of the samples. Cell proliferation and metabolic activity tests were carried out and a VEGF ELISA showed a significant increase in VEGF production in cells exposed to the bioactive glass samples compared to control inDMEM.A novel SiO2–CaO nanofibrous scaffold was created that showed tailorable physical and dissolution properties, the control and composition of these release products are important for directing desirable wound healing interactions.
Original languageEnglish
Article numberBMM-103113.R1
JournalBiomedical Materials
Early online date19 Dec 2019
Publication statusPublished online - 19 Dec 2019


  • Electrospinning
  • Sol-gel
  • Bioactive glasses
  • 3D cotton-wool-like structure
  • Wound healing


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