Elastic Frontiers

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The Elastic Frontiers project involved various ongoing elements and an exhibition at the Arnolfini gallery and at Oldbury Court School in Bristol. 2006 Over a 12 month period 2005/6, I worked with a group of six children at Oldbury Court Primary School in Bristol. During this time they learnt to climb and discovered about the worlds of climbing and art. They tried and explored ways of climbing and making art using the school buildings, surroundings areas, local climbing centre and places out in the landscape as their learning environments. The equipment they used ranged from traditional art materials to tables and chairs to specialised climbing equipment. These processes of learning, problem solving, taking risks and discussion were recorded in video, photography, drawing and writing. An exhibition of this work was held at the school and at Arnolfini. This included my new climbable sculpture, The Big Cheese, an almost vertical “slab” wall made of school tables, with holes cut to act as hand and foot holes. The project involved various elements The Big Cheese Untitled Landscapes - Elastic Frontiers Height with magazines (Mountain and High) Climbing poems Chair expedition DVD To the Beacons DVD Bats DVD Drawings and texts Misc images from the publication, activities and video stills Building climbs Elastic Frontiers. Solo project. Arnolfini, Bristol 2005/6Elastic Frontiers. Oldbury Court Primary School, Bristol. 2005/6 Some things you may have missed. gtGallery at the Switch Room, Belfast. 2007 Supported by Creative Partnerships.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationOrchid Studios Belfast
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 9 Jun 2006

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