Egg Performance

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Egg Performance, as part of ‘Walls & Borders’ Exhibition Opening, 3C Creative Mall, 798 Art Zone, Beijing. 2013. 13th. March, 2013.This work was initially an interactive performance work where I went round the audience during the opening of the Exhibition ‘Walls & Borders’ asking individuals to “Please write your wish for the future of China on an egg.”I carried a bowl of eggs and some black ink pens. Those who were interested in being involved wrote their message or word on an egg. Over time the eggs were covered in Chinese characters. At one point I started to roll a large stone around the gallery with my foot, moving from person to person with care. However my movements were, (intentionally), restricted by the Gallery Steps. Eventually after further audience interaction the stone came to rest in the doorway of the gallery. At this point I started to glue a line of eggs together in the doorway, followed by a series of little branches, stood upright on the gallery floor. I then placed the innards of a cardboard box next to the small branches.Finally I powered water over the stone, the floor and bowl of eggs. I then left the space and the water flowed with the lay of the land, into the gallery space or out of the doorway. Over time the Chinese Characters began to dilute and stain the eggs blue.Curated by Fion Gunn and travel funded by RIAD, University of Ulster Belfast.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 13 Mar 2013
EventEgg Performance - C3 Creative Mall
Duration: 13 Mar 201313 Mar 2013

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  • Egg Performance
  • Big Small Artists
  • Irish Wave
  • Performance Art
  • Performance Art in Beijing
  • Brian Connolly


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