Effects of Interpolation on the Inverse Problem of Electrocardiography

Ali Rababah, Yesim Dogrusoz, Laura Bear, Jake Bergquist, Rémi Dubois, Wilson Good, Rob Macleod, Job Stoks

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Electrocardiographic Imaging (ECGI) aims to reconstruct electrograms from the body surface potential measurements. Bad leads are usually excluded from the inverse problem solution. Alternatively, interpolation can be applied. This study explores how sensitive ECGI is to different bad-lead configurations and interpolation methods. Experimental data from a Langendorff-perfused pig heart suspended in a human-shaped torso-tank was used. Epicardial electrograms were acquired during 30 s (31 beats) of RV pacing using a 108-electrode array, simultaneously with torso potentials from 128 electrodes embedded in the tank surface. Six different bad lead cases were designed based on clinical experience. Inverse problem was solved by applying Tikhonov regularization i) using the complete data, ii) bad-leads-removed data, and iii) interpolated data, with 5 different methods. Our results showed that ECGI accuracy of an interpolation method highly depends on the location of the bad leads. If they are in the high-potential-gradient regions of the torso, a highly accurate interpolation method is needed to achieve an ECGI accuracy close to using complete data. If the BSP reconstruction of the interpolation method is poor in these regions, the reconstructed electrograms also have lower accuracy, suggesting that bad leads should be removed instead of interpolated. The inverse-forward method was found to be the best among all interpolation methods applied in this study in
terms of both missing BSP lead reconstruction and ECGI accuracy, even for the bad leads located over the chest.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages4
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 18 Sept 2019
EventComputing in Cardiology - Matrix, Biopolis, Singapore
Duration: 8 Sept 201911 Sept 2019
Conference number: 46


ConferenceComputing in Cardiology
Abbreviated titleCinC 2019
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  • Interpolation
  • Inverse problem
  • ECG imaging


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