Drawing Research, Theory, Practice

Adriana Ionascu, Doris Rohr

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Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice aims to promote and disseminate drawing research with a focus on contemporary practice and its theoretical context. This journal seeks to reestablish the materiality of drawing as a medium at a time when virtual, on-line, electronic media dominates visuality and communication. The journal represents drawing as a significant discipline in its own right and in a diversity of forms: as an experimental practice, as research, as representation and/or documentation, as historical and/or theoretical exploration, as process or as performance. It explores the drawing discipline across fine art, science and engineering, media and communication, psychology, architecture, design, science and technology, textiles, fashion, social and cultural practices. As a rigorously peer-reviewed publication the journal presents contributions that deal both with traditional concepts, histories and dominant conventions and those that challenge current thinking and move towards experimental methods, concepts and practices. The topics include papers as well as visual contributions and projects that present drawing as a complex process, serving to: - become a source and basis for drawing research and exchange of knowledge in a variety of contexts- be a forum for engaging multidisciplinary debates on the ways in which drawing functions in contemporary culture- share scholarship in teaching drawing in art and design education and in contemporary art practice- facilitate different perspectives and debates on drawing as a practice as is changed and modernised by technology- present drawing as performance, as a tool, as a place of production, as a discursive exploration, a site of conception and as cognitive process
Original languageEnglish
TypeDrawing: Research, Theory and Practice promotes and disseminates contemporary drawing practice and research in its current cultural and disciplinary diversity. The journal encourages pluralist forms of discourse, addressing current issues of theory a...
Number of pages160
Publication statusPublished - 15 Nov 2015


  • drawing research / drawing theory / drawing practice

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