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Craftedusingtraditionalsilversmithingtechniques‘Disperse’addressestheconceptofasilver landscape in the context of the table that challenges the boundaries of functional silvertableware.‘Disperse’ is inspired by the natural environment and has a sculptural presence, focusing on how the piece interacts with the table and metaphorically 'grows' from it. The sculptural silver table centrepiece aims to challenge the users' established knowledge of silverware. The rectangular bowl is created from a single sheet of silver, which has been sunk, raised, hammered, planished and polished to achieve the final shape. The bowl has six silver seed heads ‘growing’ through it. Three of these stems allow the bowl to rest on the table surface. Each stem is fabricated with wire, which has been granulated at the ends and manipulated and soldered to form individual seed heads. Each stem has been individually riveted to the bowl.Through the context of the dining table ‘Disperse’ aims to create a focus for the table that interacts with other objects or stand sculpturally in isolation.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationKilkenny
Publication statusPublished - 2010
EventIrish Craft Portfolio - National Craft Gallery / Kilkenny
Duration: 1 Jan 20101 Jan 2010


  • silver
  • bowl


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