Directors and CSR

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Boards of directors are the zenith of internal decision control systems of corporations and are therefore accountable not just in terms of financial performance to investors but also in terms of society as a whole’s expectations that this will be achieved in a sustainable way. The board of directors are in charge of the management of the business; they make the strategic and operational decisions and are responsible for ensuring that all statutory obligations are met. They also need to do so in a sustainable way and therefore CSR activities need to be managed. This chapter details director’s broad responsibilities within corporations in relation to CSR strategy and non-financial disclosures as well as addressing the need for them to continuously engage with internal and external stakeholders.
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EditorsS. Idowu, R. Schmidpeter, N. Capaldi, L. Zu, M. Del Baldo, R. Abreu
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  • The board and CSR
  • The board and Environment, Society and Governance


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