Development of a test method to investigate the tyre road interface

Phillip Millar, WDH Woodward, Jason Ferguson, Christopher Tierney

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This paper considers development of a test to investigate the tyre road interface. The aim was to produce data that could be related to what happens in real life. The resulting Ulster Tyre Road Surface Interface Method (UTRSI) was developed in the laboratory and has since been used to measure actual road / tyreinterfaces. The method has four main elements i.e. vertical pressure mapping, a modified small wheel tracking device fitted with an ASTM friction tyre and test specimens subjected to slow speed high stress accelerated trafficking that allow changes in time to be assessed. Although the emphasis in development of the UTRSI method has been on friction, the data can be used to better understand other interface properties relating to both the road and the tyre. This paper outlines the development of the UTRSI and uses examples to illustrate how its data may be used to investigate the tyre road interface.
Original languageEnglish
Article number10
Pages (from-to)10-20
Number of pages11
JournalAsphalt Professional
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 11 Dec 2020


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