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CROSSOVERSTARHD video with animation6.20minDan Shipsides2014 SLEMISH 1amWords.On the rocks.Did you see anyone painting up there?No but it’s dark.We are looking for someone painting.Graffiti.Fuck the pope.Kill all taigs.No surrender.Did you do that?No.What were you doing?Walking.Where to?The summit and down.What are you carrying on your back?A star.A micro-expedition based video work which features a 1am encounter on Slemish mountain (Northern Ireland).A short video from a series of works which have their origins in expeditions (adventures and misadventures) which engage both documentary and experimental approaches to filming and editing. Specially made devices (e.g. cable mounts, kaleidoscopes or a camera leash) used in these works to film the expedition are combined with graphic work, animation and still image editing to render the documentary narrative of the footage ‘useless’ or at least open.This work relates to other video works such as MASS HERMIT VOLUME and YUPA STAR.My work has generally been in pursuit of landscape – embracing a concept of landscape as the living experience of the world around us here and now as much as the cultured and framed perspective of landscape as a genre within culture. Perception therefore is a key starting point. However, I’ve often set out with some opposition to the primacy of sight in the apprehension and construction of landscape. Even if it’s distant, divorced or obscure, some form of fidelity to the experience or encounter is important to me, at least as key to starting a creative process. I’m less convinced now in the direct lens or pure observation as being adequately faithful - it’s too trapped by the organizing principles of the cultured eye. So I have successively tried to intervene in that process and let a wider flush of real-life contribute – life with all its contextual contingencies and geometries. So I utilize bespoke devices along with lateral and open approaches such as climbing, falling, repeating, layering, colliding, juxtaposing, trashing, living and laughing to render a twisting, synthetic, plastic, messy, but always correlative and equivalent perceptual force or material. The perceiving of this work might be sometimes painful, sometimes pleasurable but I hope the viewer might be faced with a set of live, pulsing and contingent material around which to hold their own encounter and dialogue. The works presented here both (MORTAR | DEVICE and CROSSOVERSTAR) feature geometric shapes (stars, triangles) in relation to the built and natural landscapes I encountered in making these works. They introduce a possibility of an encounter which might meld the socio-political with the texture of the experiential. Both use captured footage and animation in a way that perverts the sense of the ‘real’ into a ‘new real’ – or a ‘real then’ into ‘real now’.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationBelfast - Orchid Studios
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 3 May 2014
EventMeta-Perception Club: Dan Shipsides - Centre Culturel Irlandais / Paris
Duration: 19 Feb 20154 Mar 2015


  • Experimental video / animation. Landscape. Video installation. Meta-perception. Pata-perception.


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