Comparing governance patterns: the place of third sector organizations in policy across nations

Nicholas Acheson, Rachel Laforest

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    Since the 1990s, governance processes have shifted significantly as most governments in industrialized countries began emphasizing the need for greater participation of third sector organizations in the process of design and delivery of public policy (Kendall 2009, Agranoff 2006, Brugue and Gallego 2003). There have been some important and significant theoretical writing on the subject of governance that has enabled us to identify some converging features or patterns in this new governance dynamic (Rhodes 2000, Kooiman 2003, Newman 2001). However, there remains considerable variation in the way governments' have structured their relationship to third sector organizations (Casey et al. 2010, Phillips and Smith 2010, Laforest forthcoming). Such differences reflect the interplay of several factors: the power of political actors and alliances; the nature of institutional arrangements that give access to the state; the dynamics of inclusion and exclusion in these institutional arrangements; and the expression of basic values about the third sector and its role in policy.
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