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During recent decades there is a growing tendency of a convergence between science and technology, arts and culture. Sculpture especially left its traditional field and combines with other areas of contemporary life. WSM 2 is a project about of impact of science within wider cultural contexts. WSM explores environmentalism and climate change and artistic strategies. Here I combine research and a provocative sense of what I call post-irony. Researchers in the field of natural sciences have, in rare occasions, discovered the value of “non linear thinking” in the arts. My target is to continue this project as an equal research of both art and science in the same field not just as a visualization of an idea. The idea originates from my fascination for the aesthetics of scientific apparatuses, and my conviction that what constitutes art is invention and creation – in whichever field. This project is also about the relation between belief in images and aesthetics. My project reacts to the media machine around global warming and contemporary politics of the image. It is a sculptural installation and an awareness-producing device. It involves not only critique but also a vision. Nevertheless, it is a machine that can in reality transform atmospheric carbon dioxide and produce O2 and C6H12O6.WSM 2 CO2 Absorber was commissioned by Philadelphia Sculptors Society for the exhibition Global Warming at the Icebox. Following an invitation for the project, curated by art critic Leslie Kaufman, president of the organization and co-director of the Icebox, I participated in this event. The internationally highly regarded Crane Arts Centre, Philadelphia, was host of the show. The project was discussed and peer reviewed in several publications. The sculpture was presented afterwards in various different international exhibitions.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationPhiladelphia, USA
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 5 Oct 2008
EventGLOBAL WARMING IN THE ICEBOX - The Ice box, Crane Art Center, / Philadelphia Museum, USA
Duration: 5 Oct 200815 Nov 2008

Bibliographical note

Reference text: Leslie Kaufman, CO 2 Absorber, Global Warming in the Icebox, catalogue, exhibition at Crane art Building(Philadelphia, USA 2008) pg.24
Event (exhibition): KIC Nord Art 2010
international group show
Kunstwerk Glasshuette, Rendsburg / North Germany
10-10-2010 / 14-11-2010
Event (exhibition): 1st Exhibition KAIST Science Humanity Muses Project
invited Group show
KAIST University / Daejun, South Korea
29-10-2012 / 27-01-2013
Event (exhibition): Equations
solo show,invited
Queens street Studios Belfast / Belfast, UK
27-03-2010 / 28-04-2010
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  • Global Warming in the ICEBOX/ Ralf Sander /1st Exhibition KAIST Science Humanity Muses Project
  • sculpture
  • ecological art
  • World Saving Machine


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