William Penney

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An overriding objective for this body of work was to reduce the distance between myself as artist and the work. I had become increasingly dissatisfied with Print as “Product” only. The process of creating has for me become part of the work itself. The physicality of movement and making ascending in hierarchy. The work automatically subdivides into several visual outcomes: all of these inextricably linked by allowing gravity and chance to interact with design and structure. Accident and serendipity are integral to many of the images. A movement repeated when wet pigment is applied to wet paper never returns the same outcome. Pigments have fallen off one sheet of paper to be caught and incorporated into another. I enjoy the idea that order may arise from chaos. In much of the work the choreography of movement has been recorded by repeated gestures with both hands simultaneously, either pouring or drawing, sometimes with eyes closed. In these 2 screen prints paper has been passed through a shredder the resulting ribbons have then been scattered onto the Printdown Table and exposed onto photo screens, the resulting chaos has been balanced by stenciling a circle and a square into the last colour, black. These 2 screen prints were selected for The Northern Print Biennale in 2009 which was the first major event for international print making in the UK for almost 20 years. The quality of the Biennale is was reflected in the funding it secured for a multi site season of events (Arts Council England, Lottery, Tyne and Wear Archives Museums, Northern Rock Foundation, Newcastle City Council and others, the exhibition attracted the highest callibre of artist including Louis Bourgeois, Richard Hamilton, Michael Craig-Martin, Mimmo Paladino, Yinka Shonibare, Joe Tilson, Jim Dine, Gillian Ayres and Ian Davenport. A paper was also presented in the accompanying conference.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationArtist's collection
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 1 Feb 2009

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Reference text: Catalogue, Northern Print Biennale ISBN970-0-9555846-4-0 2009
Outputmediatype: Screen Print


  • Northern Print Biennale 2009


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