Centrifugal Sequence VI; Some Actions Around the Centrifugal Book of Europe

Aisling O'Beirn, Taru Elvfing, Dan Jewesbury, Susan Kelly, Henriksson Minna, Boynik Sezgin, Platforma 981 Platforma 981, Hewitt Nicole, Hamm Kalle

Research output: Non-textual formExhibition

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Centrifugal is an organisation consisting of artists, educators, architects and theorists from across Europe who have come together to investigate the spatial, political and economic forces producing contemporary ideas of Europe. Centrifugal arises from the peripheries, from sites that have often been formed through their colonial relations with the ‘old Europe’, and which are now structured through complex webs of desire, resistance and adaptation. The project is concerned with finding resonances and affinities across the diverse spaces, histories and political imaginaries inhabiting these†edges of Europe. The Centrifugal Book of Europe is a 'map' of the social, cultural and political space of contemporary Europe, and of the phantasmic Europes that may yet be called into being. I am a member of the organisation. Centrifugal. Some Actions Around The Centrifugal Book of Europe was an event that I organised in collaboration with UU, Belfast Exposed, PS2, BBeyond, Flaxart Studios & Brown and Bri to launch the Centrifugal Book of EuropeCentrifugal launched The Centrifugal Book of Europe in Belfast Conor Lecture Theatre UU at 6pm on Thursday 18th March 2010, at the University of Ulster in Belfast. There was also a set of actions in collaboration with Belfast arts Organisations around the launch, from the 18th to the 23rd of March around Belfast. Delegates (all members of Centrifugal) Dr. Nicole Hewitt, (Zagreb Croatia) Dr. Taru Elfving, (Helsinki) Dr. Susan Kelly,(Goldsmiths London) Minna L Henriksson,(Helsinki) Sezgin Boynik (Istanbul / Helsinki ) , Kalle Hamm, (Helsinki) Dr. Daniel Jewesbury(Belfast) , Dr. Robert Porter (UU) Platforma 981( Dinko Peračić & Miranda Veljacic, Split, Croatia)
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 18 Mar 2010
EventTaru Elfving and Susan Kelly ,‘The Role of Networked Curation and Criticism’ Seminar - Brown & Bri / Lombard St Belfast
Duration: 19 Mar 201019 Mar 2010


  • Centrifugal Europe Periphery Centre


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