Between Matter and Words: Venus Anadyomene [exhibit]

Research output: Non-textual formExhibition


Alasdair Asmussen Doyle, Michelle McKeown, Jan Uprichard, Lisa Robson​, Amy Mackle, Alessia Cargnelli, Ronan Smyth, Patrick Hickey, Vikkie Patterson, Adriana Valderrama, Deborah White, Beverly Irving Edwards, Natalie Wilson, Gerard Gibson, Philip Arneill, Sarah Tehan
Ends 13 August 2022

Practice as research often sits uneasily in academic regulatory frameworks, yet this reflexive field plays a significant part in the identity and work of Ulster University, while also offering vital contributions to our wider cultures.

Study in this field, as Midgelow (2021) puts it, expresses and lays bare otherwise neglected, non-normative human epistemologies, ways of knowing and understanding deeply connected to the material and embodied.

Between matter and words seeks to foreground the diverse outcomes created by PhD researchers following this mode of investigation. The show will encompass works in progress as well as more summative results that arise from study in any field of the Arts, including but not limited to: painting, sculpting, designing, forming, weaving, throwing, playing, performing, making and writing. This collective coming together celebrates the centrality of research and practice at Ulster.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 4 Aug 2022


  • illustration research
  • illustration and clay
  • object illustration
  • objectification theory
  • women's body image


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