'Belfast at Venice' : Belfast / New Belfast: past, present and emerging

Ciaran Mackel, cmtf ARD (ciaran mackel) Architects

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This exhibition 'Belfast at Venice' , curated by Mackel, was commissioned by Urbanpromo 2010. Urbanopromo is the Italian Regeneration lead body. The research analysed archive material of Belfast regeneration and applied a thematic narrative approach to emerging and current projects and proposals. The study of Belfast regeneration noted the existing built character and revealed urban patterns, growth of the city of Belfast and longitudinal outcomes of short term or site limited regeneration policies. The exhibition was supplemented by a half day conference in Venice (October 2010) aimed at Italian regeneration professionals and was followed later by the exhibition. THe methodology and outcome were then further disseminated as 'Belfast / New Belfast: past, present and emerging' at a further conference in Naples (May 2011) in response to an invitation from that Municipal Authority. The Venice exhibition occurred in parallel with the 2010 Venice Architectural Biennale and the research team also participated in drawing workshops at the British pavilion.The material has been exhibited by Belfast City Council for awareness events aimed at new city councillors and is being exhibited (March, April 2012) at PLACE - Northern Ireland's Built Environment Centre.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2010
Event'Belfast at Venice' (now entitled Belfast / New Belfast: past, present and emerging for exhibition in Belfast March, April 2012) - Complesso Monumentale Santa Maria La Nova-Sala Consiliare della Provincia de Napoli / Naples
Duration: 1 May 2011 → …


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