Bakunin Brand Vodka. An exploration into anarchist-punk and punk-anarchism

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Punk and anarchism are inextricably linked. The connection between them is expressed in the anarchistic rhetoric, ethics, and practices of punk, and in the huge numbers of activist anarchists who were first politicised by punk. To be sure, this relationship is not straightforward, riven as it is with tensions and antagonisms—but its existence is irrefutable. This article looks back to ‘early punk’ (arbitrarily taken as 1976-1980), to identify the emergence of the anarchistic threads that run right through punk’s (ever advancing) history. However, it must be stressed that any claim to being ‘definitive’ or ‘complete’ is rejected here. Punk, like anarchism, is a hugely diverse and multifarious entity. Too often, authors leaning on the crutch of determinism reduce punk to a simple linear narrative, to be weaved through some fanciful dialectic. In opposition to this, Proudhon’s concept of antimony is employed to help contextualise punk’s beguiling amorphousness.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)138-170
JournalAnarchist Developments in Cultural Studies
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 14 Jan 2014


  • punk
  • hardcore
  • anarchism
  • anarcho-punk
  • DIY
  • subculture
  • counter-culture


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