Association of polymorphisms in the hepatocyte growth factor gene promoter with keratoconus

K.P. Burdon, S. Macgregor, Y. Bykhovskaya, S. Javadiyan, X. Li, K.J. Laurie, D. Muszynska, R. Lindsay, J. Lechner, T. Haritunians, A.K. Henders, D. Dash, D. Siscovick, S. Anand, A. Aldave, D.J. Coster, L. Szczotka-Flynn, R.A. Mills, S.K. Iyengar, K.D. TaylorT. Phillips, G.W. Montgomery, J.I. Rotter, A.W. Hewitt, S. Sharma, Y.S. Rabinowitz, C. Willoughby, J.E. Craig

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    86 Citations (Scopus)

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