Assessment of user perspectives of cardiac point of care technologies in chest pain diagnosis

F FitzGibbon, A Brown, BJ Meenan

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The assessment of the value of point of caretechnologies for cardiac marker testing in patients presentingwith chest pain was carried out using an on-line survey tool togarner the views and opinions of healthcare professionals onpoint of care testing (POCT). The preliminary results of thesurvey are presented here. A total of 38 responses werereceived, from health care professionals within NorthernIreland Health Trusts. A number of concerns were raisedrelating to the implementation of a POCT service. Theseincluded clinical governance, quality assurance, accreditationand regulation, which should be addressed by the centrallaboratory.The main POCT user groups were clinical, nursing andlaboratory staff, with nursing staff being the most frequentusers. The general opinion amongst healthcare professionalswas that POCT implementation and accreditation should beoverseen and regulated by the central laboratory. Troponin Iwas the most important cardiac marker measured by POCTdevices. POCT turnaround times were perceived by surveyrespondents as shorter between 15-30 minutes compared tolaboratory testing, 60-90 minutes. The perception of POCT dataquality was considered by the majority of respondents to be ofequivalent quality and accuracy to central laboratory cardiacmarker testing Laboratory and biomedical scientists indicatedthat the implementation of a POCT service would alter theirrelationships to clinical, nursing staff and patients. The surveysuggested that POCT may create new roles for biomedicalscientists outside the pathology laboratory involving supportingnursing staff at ward level and validation of patient test results.
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Publication statusPublished - 23 Aug 2007
Event29th Annual International Conference of the IEEE EMBS - Lyon, France
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Conference29th Annual International Conference of the IEEE EMBS
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