'Arthur Rimbaud'

Gerald Macklin

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    This piece charts the life and work of Arthur Rimbaud. It follows the poet's life from his childhood in Charleville to his attempted running away from home and on to his time in Paris and his contact with other contemporary poets of the late 19th century. It documents his relationship with the poet Paul Verlaine, Rimbaud's travels in Europe and his eventual move to Ethiopia after abandoning poetry in favour of a commercial career. This "silence de Rimbaud' represents the end of a poetic career that began with the early Poésies, moved on to the Derniers Vers and then finally to the prose poetry of Une Saison en enfer and the Illuminations. The chapter deals with Rimbaud's difficulties with his mother, his celebrated revolt against all conventions and institutions and his dazzling and precocious experimenation in poetry. It deals with individual poems like 'Les Poètes de sept ans', 'L'Eternité', 'Matin' and 'Barbare' and is lavishly illustrtaed with manuscripts, photos, collection covers and drawings. The study assesses Rimbaud's impact and influence on contemporary and subsequent French poetry through his spectacular visionary processes and his linguistic experimentation.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationDictionary of Literary Biography [edited by Robert Beum]
    ISBN (Print)0-7876-3126-4
    Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 2000

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