An Interior Landscape

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This research explores new parameters for the integration of 3-dimensional elements within the presentation of photography, to devise new exhibition strategies for contemporary fine art photographic practices. These installational elements were made in direct response to photographic depictions of landscape and were designed to harness the qualities of interior space, in relationship with the historical context of the landscape tradition. In this way, the proposition of landscape as a site capable of representing and embodying a psychological space, is explored through the use of installation, utilising motifs readily associated with interior spaces in the form of curtains. The use of the curtain form in this research project, also serves to act as a metaphor denoting partition in the separation of one space from another, marking the point between interior and exterior. In this work the curtain motif also embodies ideas of concealment and exposure, private and public, themes prevalent in this research practice. The use of the curtain form also introduces a sense of theatricality to the installations, heightening the atmosphere emanating from them within the exhibition space, which in this project functions as a site of viewer encounter. The choice of materials used in these installations, reflects in colour and texture particular elements within the landscapes they relate to, drawing links between the exterior space of landscape and the interior space suggested through the large scale 3-dimensional forms presented.

This work was commissioned for the solo exhibition, ‘An Interior Landscape’, at Visual Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow in 2014.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationVisual Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 12 Sept 2014
EventAn Interior Landscape - Visual Centre for Contemporary Art / Carlow
Duration: 12 Sept 201411 Jan 2015


  • 17th
  • 19th Century European Landscape painting
  • Sublime
  • Picturesque
  • photography
  • landscape
  • urban
  • suburban
  • interior space
  • installation


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