Advanced oxidation processes for environmental protection

Dionissios Mantzavinos, Ioannis Poulios, Pilar Fernandez-Ibanez, Sixto Malato

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Following Environmental Science & Pollution Research com- mitment to the publication of high quality research articles on timely topics in the field of environmental monitoring and protection technologies, this is a special issue containing a selection of seventeen papers based on oral and poster com- munications from the third European Conference on Environ- mental Applications of Advanced Oxidation Processes— EAAOP-3.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)12109-12111
JournalEnvironmental Science and Pollution Research
Issue number21
Early online date11 Sept 2014
Publication statusPublished online - 11 Sept 2014


  • Advanced Oxidation Processes
  • Air and Water pollution remediation
  • EAAOP3 conference


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