Accessible theatre-making for spectators with visual impairment: Cahoots NI's The Gift.

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This report, completed by Tom Maguire on behalf of CAHOOTS NI, was commissioned to document and assess the ways in which the production, The Gift, would be able to provide an experience of a theatrical performance for spectators with visual impairment in which they would be fully integrated with sighted spectators. The project identified and through a variety of strategies and number of stages of development attempted to address a number of issues. The principles of universal design were adopted from the outset to overcome the barriers to full access within an integrated experience. Evaluating the effectiveness of these strategies was constrained by the limited funding to support an in-depth reception study. There were further limits on the capacity to access child spectators individually and within groups, without repeating in the research process the very discrimination between sighted spectators and those with visual impairment that the project aimed to overcome. There were also some negative impacts on the aesthetic experience of the production for sighted spectators that were neither intended nor expected. Nonetheless, it is clear that there are a number of ways in which the processes used within this production might be adopted by or adapted for any new performance, provided that they are built-in from the outset.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherUnknown Publisher
Number of pages23
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 31 Mar 2015


  • TYA
  • inclusion strategies
  • universal design
  • visual impairment


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