EPSRC Funded - The Development and Full Integration of VP Pipelines Adapted for Theatre Affordances

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A collborative R&D project between Ulster University and independent theatre company, PrimeCut Productions, exploring how innovative Virtual Production techniques can be embedded into theatre production pipelines.

Layman's description

The goal of this project is to investigate and develop a Virtual Production pipeline that is tailored for theatre affordances

Key findings

- Development of a new Virtual Production pipeline tailored for small studio theatre affordances
- Identification and development of new job roles within theatre pipelines that utilises multi-disciplinary skillsets from Animation, Games, Film, and VFX.
- Identification of language difference between the different creative disciplines involved in the project
- Theatre performance piece that is currently in production
- Knowledge transfer from academia to industry with potential to further training, workshops, and community outreach
Short titleXRNetwork+ : Virtual Production in the Digital Economy
Effective start/end date1/09/2329/02/24


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