The Bradford Fellow in Photography



Donovan Wylie was awarded the prestigious Bradford Fellowship 2010/11, a partnership between Bradford College, the University of Bradford and the National Media Museum.

This was crucial in securing funding for the Outposts project. It enabled Donovan to extend his interests in the increasingly transient nature of modern military architecture and, the ways it is deployed in military observation.

The Fellowship was established in 1985. It supports mid-career photographers in their professional activity and works with the artist and the Fellowship partners to share knowledge and learning about the practice of photography.

As well as Donovan there have been 15 previous recipients of the Fellowship, including Fay Godwin, Neeta Madahar, Sarah Jones, Paul Graham and Nick Danziger.
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsThe Bradford Fellowship (National Media Museum, University of Bradford & Bradford College)