Hackathon Challenge Runners-up Award

  • Villikudathil, Angelina (Recipient)



The lives of elderly people pose a great deal of challenges. Ranging from their day-to-day activities such as mobility, medications and self-care to their physiological well-being such as social connection and sense of purpose, the constant need to adapt to a fast-moving world with technology driving the forefront pose a challenge to the elderly. We present to you Rejuvenate Connect, a prototype that works on identifying the human emotions in real-time to provide a personalised recommendation system that can assist the elderly within their comfort zones. In addition, this prototype identifies chronic mental health conditions at their initial stage prior to diagnosis by providing a personalised alert system to their General Practitioner and loved ones. Thus, prevents further development of their health conditions and aids in advanced clinical decision making.
Degree of recognitionNational
Granting OrganisationsHSC Public Health Agency