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Ravi Kumar Jha, currently a second-year Ph.D. researcher at Ulster University’s School of Computing, Engineering, and Intelligent Systems, delves deep into the realm of quantum-enhanced algorithms for brain data analysis. A University of Delhi alumnus, Ravi graduated with a Bachelor’s in Mathematical Sciences, securing the commendable second rank. Further enriching his academic journey, he earned an M.Sc. with distinction in Applied Mathematics from South Asian University, New Delhi. His professional engagements have seen him at the forefront of research, from being a Research Intern at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia to a Project Scientist at India’s esteemed INCOIS. With a keen interest in quantum computing, machine learning, and applied mathematics,
Ravi’s contributions have been recognised with significant accolades, including a best paper award and the prestigious Vice-Chancellor’s Research Scholarship from Ulster University.

Research Interests

Quantum computing, Quantum-enhanced algorithm, Applied & computational mathematics, Modeling and numerical simulations, Data analysis & visualization. 

PhD Researcher Profile

Quantum-enhanced algorithms for brain-inspired data sets. 

Current and Recent Grants

VCRS, Ulster University. 


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