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No photo of Eimear Dolan
No photo of Sean Boyle
No photo of David Clarke
Photo of Martin Smith
Photo of Paul Quinn
No photo of Drew Neill
No photo of Geoff Simmons

Geoff Simmons

Person: Academic

Photo of Charles O'Sullivan
Photo of Colin Turner

Colin Turner

Person: Academic

Photo of Paul Bartholomew
Photo of Claire Mc Feeters

Claire Mc Feeters

Person: Academic

Photo of Marina O'Rourke

Marina O'Rourke

Person: Administrative

No photo of Chloe Martin

Chloe Martin

Person: Academic

Photo of Boomadevi Sekar

Boomadevi Sekar

Person: Academic

No photo of Priyamvada Yarnell

Priyamvada Yarnell

Person: Academic

No photo of Abbie Cahoon

Abbie Cahoon

Person: Academic

No photo of Colette Ramsey

Colette Ramsey

Person: Academic

Photo of Srinivasu Puttaswamy

Srinivasu Puttaswamy

Person: Academic

Photo of Shane Mc Cullough

Shane Mc Cullough

Person: Academic

Photo of Rachel Sherrard

Rachel Sherrard

Person: Academic

Photo of Rachel Glynne

Rachel Glynne

Person: Academic