Columbia Glacier bedrock topography and ice thickness



Columbia Glacier bedrock topography and ice volume. Bedrock topography and ice thickness for 1957 and 2007 on a 100 m grid are provided in NetCDF format, referenced to WGS84 UTM Zone 6N. For details about the method and the datasets used, please see:

McNabb, R., Hock, R., O’Neel, S., Rasmussen, L., Ahn, Y., Braun, M., . . . Truffer, M. (2012). Using surface velocities to calculate ice thickness and bed topography: A case study at Columbia Glacier, Alaska, USA. Journal of Glaciology, 58(212), 1151-1164. 10.3189/2012JoG11J249
Date made available11 May 2021
Date of data production7 Nov 2012

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