"Update: What has been the economic impact of the Northern Ireland Protocol"

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Net effect of the Protocol (costs compared to benefits), in particular as of the summer of 2022 considering the often made claims (e.g. Irish Dep. PM, Financial Times, Scottish First Minister and National Institute of Economic and Social Research) that the Protocol has boosted NI growth compared to the UK average. In fact, NI regional output has grown more slowly than the UK average during the period of the Protocol (1 Jan 2021-Quarter 1 2022). Also, consideration of sectoral pattern of growth in that period: high growth in food products (Protocol trade diversion?) but falling output in electrical engineering and transport equipment (Protocol impacting on imputs brought in from GB?).

Period18 Jul 2022

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Media contributions

  • Title"Update: What has been the economic impact of the Northern Ireland Protocol"
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    DescriptionUpdate on economic effects (positive and negative) of the Northern Ireland Protocol, especially (using sectoral growth figures) a critique of the National Institute (NIESR)view that it has boosted NI economic growth compared to the UK average
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