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The Investigators is an Irish scientific television series broadcast on RTÉ One. The series examines some of the most interesting projects being worked on by leading Irish scientists across the globe and assesses what potential impact they may have in the future. The selection of projects is diverse, ranging from the identification of a protein which may help to arrest and even reverse the onset of Alzheimer's disease to the design of a camera which can capture an extra-terrestrial event that happened billions of years ago. Each programme focuses on a specific area of life such as Ireland in Space, Ageing, Sensors, Climate Change, Crops of the Future and the Nano Revolution.

Episode three looks at the complex issue of climate change as well as examining potential solutions. 

Contributors include:

Prof Ray Bates, UCD expert in climate systems and feedback mechanisms; uses modelling to test theories and develop explanations for climate functions.

Prof Peter Lynch UCD is using these new models to help to better predict the results of climate change for Ireland. In some cases he is attempting to “predict the unpredictable”. Both are analysing change in relation to the earth’s oceans.

Alistair McKinstry – IBM Blue – Gene computer for high end computing for EC Earth

Paul Dunlop and Sara Bennetti – Glaciologists – they are working on the premise that investigations into clues left by Ireland’s last ice age may yield clues as to what will happen when the last two remaining ice sheets (Greenland and Antarctica) melt. We follow them as they head out to the far shores of Irish waters and drop a drilling core into the sea bed to take samples and analyse the results. 




Period20 Nov 2008

Media contributions


Media contributions


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