"Spectacular event expected to leave lasting impact on local economy"

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Cited at start of Belfast Telegraph article re. economic impact of the Open


"Ulster University economist Esmond Birnie said the tournament will have "a sizeable and positive impact" on the local economy. He cited the boost to output, promotion of the region and benefits in the long term.

Mr Birnie estimated that NI wil have reapted over £90m through the competition, with some reports citing the figure could be much higher, reachig £120m.

He said, "There may be some lasting gain to tourism: repeat visitors or even people who watched the event on TV. Possibly also in terms of helping to promote NI as a location for inward investment."

And although Mr Birnie said estimating the economic reward of the event is "an inexact science", economic optimism is rife".


Period23 Jul 2019

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Media contributions