Podcast of Tuesday’s Nine Til Noon Show 15th December

  • Paul Dunlop
  • Eileen Doherty
  • Andreas LeemannSwiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa)
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  • Joe MorganDRUVA
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  • Benoit Fournier
  • Josee Duchesne
  • Kay Wille
  • Marisa Chrysochoo
  • Nick Scaglione

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A special edition of the show dedicated to interviewing the delegates of the conference "The Science and Societal Impacts of Defective Concrete" 

Period15 Nov 2022

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleNine Til Noon show
    Degree of recognitionRegional
    Media name/outletHighland Radio
    Media typeRadio
    Duration/Length/Size13 hours
    Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
    DescriptionGreg Hughs, interviews the delegates of the international conference 'The Science and Societal Impacts of Defective Concrete'
    Producer/AuthorGreg Hughs
    PersonsPaul Dunlop, Eileen Doherty, Andreas Leemann, Joe Morgan, Benoit Fournier, Josee Duchesne, Kay Wille, Marisa Chrysochoo, Nick Scaglione


TitleThe Science and Societal Impacts of Defective Concrete
LocationAtlantic Technical University, Donegal & Ulster University, Magee Campus, Letterkenny & Derry, Ireland
Period15 Nov 2022 → 17 Nov 2022


  • pyrrhotite
  • defective concrete