Nearest Truth : A long form interview with Ken Grant, with special emphasis on Benny Profane.

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Episode 38: Ken Grant‘s Benny Profane published by RRB Books absolutely floored me when I received it for review last year for American Suburb X. It was the book that led me to the British documentary tradition and reminded me that one single idea brilliantly executed can be career or genre defining.

Ken and I spoke about a number of things in this episode from Benny Profane to his work and thoughts on working in Britain and the change that has occurred over the past 30 years. We spoke particularly about how the docks have changed and how the way that a body of work like Benny Profane may not be made in current climes. Ken was affable and brilliant in his delivery of a general mediation about the state of photography and Britain as a whole. It was an episode that felt circular for me int he sense of getting to speak with someone whose work I did not know very well until his book came out, but whose work now feels very familiar for how close it sits to me on my shelves. (Brad Feuerhelm / Editor, Nearest Truth)

Period12 May 2020

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Media coverage


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