20 incredible women leading the way to scientific advancement

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The human capacity for curiosity, experimentation and innovation is limitless. But, on the path to scientific advancement, who’s leading the charge?

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As Science Week kicks off across Ireland, we kick off the Science 50 – Siliconrepublic.com’s look at the women making essential contributions to science around the world – with 20 women who are changing the game across all fields of scientific study.


Dr Michaela Black is head of the School of Computing and Intelligent Systems at the University of Ulster, and has more than 50 publications to her name.

In August, it was announced that Black would lead a multimillion-pound research project using the power of big data to better inform public policy. Black hopes that the 40-month project, MIDAS, will enable the implementation of more effective healthcare policies across Europe.

Black also strives to encourage more women into her field. As a result, the School of Computing and Intelligent Systems won a Bronze Athena Swan award earlier this year.

Period14 Nov 2016

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Media contributions