The Society of Tissue Viability: Empowering people with the knowledge and skills they need to solve skin and wound challenges

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The Society of Tissue Viability is a member-led, interdisciplinary wound care charity based in the UK. We use the power of collaborative thinking and action to solve skin and wound challenges. Our work is focused around three key areas: building community; sharing expertise; and creating change-makers. All our activities are designed to encourage the collaborative thinking and action needed to solve wound and skin challenges.

Our Ethos
We build community: We create spaces where professional connections are made, ideas are shared and collaborative action happens.
We share expertise: We platform the best new thinking and practices in skin health and wound healing and make sure it reaches the people it needs to.
We create change-makers: We turn interest into expertise and give professionals the support they need to make change happen in skin health and wound healing.

Non-healing wounds are among the biggest, and most costly, challenges that healthcare providers face
It’s a situation that won’t improve unless those caring for patients have the knowledge and skills they need to prevent skin breakdown and better manage wounds. But despite this, the quality of skin health and wound care training across the UK is inconsistent. In part, this is about skin health and wound management not being seen as a priority.

What’s the answer?
We need to reduce the unwarranted variation in wound care. This starts with care providers prioritising skin health and wound healing and writing this into their strategy. If wound care isn’t seen as a priority then clinicians are denied access to the wound care education they need. Prioritising skin health and wound care when shaping curricula and planning training budgets, listening to the challenges HCPs and their patient groups face, and then creating educational programmes that meet these needs. Only then will we have the skilled and empowered multidisciplinary workforce that’s needed to solve skin and wound challenges.

What can the SoTV offer you?
Free online education events - Whether you're just embarking on your career or have many years’ experience, our educational sessions are an invaluable way of increasing your knowledge and learning from others.
Webinars - A more informal learning session hosted on Zoom and completely free to attend.
We choose topical subjects and include talks from leading figures in skin health and wound healing.
Some of our webinars are sponsored by companies so if you have a burning subject that you’d like to share with our members, please email [email protected]

Free educational Grants - We offer bursaries including registration, travel and accommodation for European conferences to Society of Tissue Viability members. Conferences remain one of the very best ways of doing this, but we know that costs can be prohibitive. That’s why we created our bursaries and free places initiative. It’s a simple, transparent and cost-effective way for the Society and industry partners to support healthcare professionals to attend our annual conference, as well as other conferences.
SoTV Education Programme Endorsement - A core part of our mission is to make sure that the best new thinking and practices in skin health and wound healing reaches the people it needs to. Educational endorsement is a big part of this. We are proud to work with our industry partners and other not-for-profit organisation to help bring more, high quality, independent education to people with an interest in skin health and wound healing. It means we can share our expertise, thoughts and ideas as clinicians and educators with our industry partners and not-for-profit organisations – and help raise the standard of skin health and wound care education across the UK.
During 2023 our various education programmes have educated 1709 participants. Feedback from our participants affirms how valuable and impactful these are to practice. As a society we look forward to the continued and ongoing expansion of our portfolio of wound care education programmes. We want to ensure that we use our strategy and influence to connect people from across the UK and internationally to share the latest thinking on skin and wound challenges and support our wound care workforces to deliver the best possible care.
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