The Future of Work is Learning (Magee)

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Keynote address by Heather McGowan, thought leader and internationally known speaker and writer.

Core Topics Covered

1. My Future of Work Thesis

2. Macro Context: The Age of Accelerations

3. The Future of Work

4. Thinking beyond Execution Skills: the importance of identity, mindset, and workforce enablers.


08.45 – 09.15 Buffet Breakfast for guests

09.15 – 10.15 Keynote Address - The Future of Work is Learning (Room MU114)

10.15 – 10.45 Networking and refreshments

Future of work strategist Heather McGowan explains how organisations can prepare for a future of accelerated change and to talk about how technology and globalization are reshaping how we learn and work.

There used to be a fairly effective formula for education, and preparation to enter the workforce. One would start by researching what was within one’s aptitude and budget. Then select the careers that made the most money, choose the least of the evils, and get as much education as could be afforded to compete for the position. Now, as we find ourselves in times of rapid disruption and change, this approach is increasingly ineffective. What is available and lucrative today is often obsolete, or taken over by computers, before one has finished training for the position. Where can we find guidance when the old formulas fail? What is the future of the workplace? Where can we find education for the future? Our guest, Heather McGowan, may have some useful guidance for us.

About the Speaker

Recognized as the 2017 #1 global voice for Education on LinkedIn media network, Heather McGowan is an internationally known speaker, writer, and thought leader. McGowan prepares leaders to most-effectively react to rapid and disruptive changes in education, work, and society. As a Future of Work Strategist, Heather has worked with diverse teams to address these challenges.

Recognizing that business innovation begins with education, specifically learning faster than your competition, she has worked with university presidents and corporate human resources managers to prepare both graduates and workers for jobs that do not yet exist. She was the strategic architect of the Kanbar College of Design, Engineering, and Commerce at Philadelphia University (now Jefferson), the first undergraduate college explicitly focused on innovation.

At Becker College, she crafted the Agile Mindset learning framework used to prepare students to work in an uncertain future. She assists corporate executives in rethinking their business models, teams, and organizational structures to become resilient in changing markets while helping academic, nonprofit, and foundation leadership rethink education and philanthropy.

Her clients range from start-ups to publicly traded, Fortune 500 companies, including Autodesk, Citi, The World Bank, and BD Medical. Often quoted in the media, notably by NYT columnist Thomas L Friedman for her thought leadership in the Future of Work, McGowan also serves on the advisory board for Sparks & Honey, a New York based culture-focused agency focused on the future for brands.

Heather provides keynotes for organizations all over the world and engages in advisory and, with her colleagues provides bespoke consulting to help organizations adapt to the 4thindustrial revolution. Her think tank is called Work to Learn because McGowan believes that in the 3rd industrial revolution we learned in order to work and now, in the fourth industrial revolution, we will work in order to learn (continuously).
Period21 Jan 2019
Event typeSeminar
LocationDerry/Londonderry, Northern IrelandShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational