Kevin Schalinske

Activity: Hosting a visitorHosting an academic visitor


Professor Kevin Schalinske is from the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Iowa State University and is currently Vice President for the American Society for Nutrition (and President from 1 August, 2023). His research interests include Vitamin D, Diabetes and Obesity and he is also the Associate Editor for The Journal of Nutrition.
During his sabbatical we organised a weekly seminar series for targeted at our PhD students and early-career researchers.
Topics included
- Establishing, Leading, and Managing a Sustainable Research Laboratory in Academia
- Successful Publishing and Understanding the Grant Review Process
- Strategies and Approaches for Selecting a Postdoctoral and First Academic
- Best practices and success on grant proposal writing
Best Practices for publishing in an ASN journal
- Type II Diabetes/obesity and dietary intervention in preclinical models
Period21 Mar 20231 May 2023
Visiting fromIowa State University (United States)
Visitor degreePhD